Our Facility

Our concierge practice offers our members a world class experience. We have short or zero wait times for appointments, office visits that can last longer in order to address patient education in a less hurried environment, spacious acute care rooms, and more.

On site Diagnostics & Testing

While patient history and a physical are the most important parts of your visit, many times additional testing will be needed. Screening and diagnostic testing help your personal physician define your risk of developing illness, confirm a suspected diagnosis or monitor the status of your already diagnosed medical problems.

    Enhance Health offers a broad range of testing in the facility for your convenience.

    • In-office specimen collection for private genetic, pharmacogenetics, disease screening and specialized testing.
    • Comprehensive body composition analysis. Our advanced body composition machine uses Bioelectrical Impedance to calculate your overall fat mass and then further delineates fat-free mass, total body water, extracellular water, intracellular water and skeletal muscle mass. With this technology and data, you can set fitness goals and visually track the progress of your fitness and weight loss plans.
    • We partner with the world-renowned laboratories to offer hundreds of advanced health screening tests, diagnostics including cardiovascular assessment through direct lab analysis. Many of these unique tests are exclusive to Enhance Health Clinics members only. Specimen collection for these private tests is done on site at Enhance Health Clinic for further convenience.

    Enhance Health is located in the Windermere Plaza Building, just minutes away from the Currents of Windermere Professional Building.