My experience at Enhance Health Clinics was, in a word, transformational. As a business owner, I put myself dead last (no pun intended) for just about everything, including for the last few years, my health. I had a moment of clarity however, where I realized that all my dreams, goals and hopes for the future mean nothing without the assurance of good health. Enter Enhance Health Clinics! What I love about the healthcare providers here is that they ask questions. Lots of them. Really, no detail is too small, nor unrelated. They helped me see the big picture of my health in a way I’ve never experienced. They provide the most comprehensive, in-depth physical exam that gives a holistic snapshot of your health. Their staff is proficient, skillful, knowledgeable and oh-so-friendly. And the most important and BEST part of it all is how well they listen. To be heard so deeply and thoroughly was astounding. I walked out feeling like a million bucks. You must, if you are able, come to Enhance Health Clinics. It will change your life.


I have found the care and service here to be excellent and professional. The ease to speak or see a physician is certainly a big plus in my daily life.


I love the atmosphere, treatments and staff here at Enhance Health Clinics. Very well treated and feels like home. Excellent doctors and all the staff. Thanks!


The best thing I did over the year is joining FEMME HOMME health group. Great professionals and good people!


I want to thank Crystal and the staff for making both my daughter and myself feel so comfortable. I would highly recommend this clinic before any other if you are thinking of CoolSculpting or any other service Enhance Health Clinics provides. I truly feel so at home when here with the friendly staff. Crystal is a very compassionate and beautiful spirit. She makes you feel confident and comfortable with your body with powerful and positive comments made from the heart. It is a joy to be in her presence.


I joined the weight loss program in early July 2017. Over a period of ten weeks, I enjoyed gradual and smooth loss of weight; around 7.5 kg! On top of the efficient protocol and easy approach, I was at all times aided by a professional group of highly motivated team members, smiling faces … so helpful and supportive. I do thank them all!

Sameh Sawires